Thursday, February 15 - Deut 30:15-20 -

Ps 1: 1-4, 6  - Luke 9:22-25

Because of our fallen human nature, we are

addicted to self. To free us from this addiction

to self, God became man. He was not

addicted to His Self. He emptied Himself

and died on the cross for us. In this way,

He broke the spell of self over the human



Friday, February 16 - Is 58:1-9 -

Ps 51:3-6, 18-19 - Matthew 9:14-15

Jesus implies that fasting in His Kigdom

is not only precipitated by the sorrow

of sin but also by the fullness of

communion with Him and His Body, the

Church. When you think "fast", don't

think "food" but fullness and "love."


Saturday, February 17 - Seve Founders

of the Order of Servites

The Servites withdrew from the things

of the world to give praise to God

and live for Him alone.


Sunday, February 18 - Gen 9:8-15 -

1Pet 3:18-22  - Ps 25:4-9 -Mark 1:12-15

The word repent in Greek "metanoia" doesn't

simply mean to be sorry for our sins. This

word literarilly means to turn around and

go in the opposite direction. This

repentance means to make a 180-degree turn

in our lives if the direccion in which we

are travelling leads us away from God.

Jesus commands us to repent and believe in

the Gospel.


Monday, February 19 - Lev 19:1-2, 11-18

Ps 19:8-10, 15  Matthew 25:31-46

Jesus died to feed His sheep. We must

receive Him, become like Him, and die

with Him to feed the sheep.







                                                                                                                                                   We are a Roman Catholic church filled with the love of Christ.

                                                                                                                                                We are centered on the Eucharist and the love of our Mother. 

                                                                                                                                                           We are here to serve all in the name of the Lord




INTERESTED IN BECOMING CATHOLIC?    Call Deacon Larry Gronas (513)502-6266   or call the office 988-6335. 

Youth Group meets on Sundays from 2-4 in the church basement.  Contact: Pam Hurley (513) 374-0332


FISH FRY DATES: 2/16  & 23;   3/2, 9, 16 & 23.    --5-7pm

Cost:    Adults and children over 12:  $9 -   under 12:   $3  and under 5:   free.

Menue: baked and breaded fish, green beans, baked potatoes, mac'n cheese, cole slaw, dessert and drinks.

******    There will be a special $25 rate for families in the parish with 3 or more children. Please contact

             Pam Hurley for coupons (513) 374-0332









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