Thursday, July 20  -  St. Apollinaris

After St. Apollinaris was exile and

martyred, many miracles were

attributed to him.


Friday, July 21 - St. Lawrence of Brindisi

Through the Passover, the Lord freed the

Israelite nation from centuries of

slavery.  A few hours before Jesus died on

the cross to save us all from sin and for

eternal life, He said: "with great desire  I

have desired to eat this Passover with you

before I suffer." Then Jesus commanded:

"Do this as a remembrance of Me."

St. Paul not only identified the Eucharist

with the Passover but went so far as

to call Jesus our Passover. 

How important is the Passover in your

life? How great is your desire to celebrate

the Passover? Do you want to receive

Christ, your Passover, daily? Is your life

centered on the Eucharistic Jesus?


St. Lawrence of Brindisi still teaches us

in his homilies that fill 9 volumes.


Saturday, July 22 - St. Mary Magdalene

Pope Francis directs our minds to the honor

Jesus gave to the one from whom seven

demons were cast out.  St. John Paul II

called her "the apostle to the apostles"


The world most likely judged Mary Magdalelne

the least reliable to be witness. She was the

last one to leave Him in His darkest hour

of the cross. If we are able to stand erect

under the foot of the cross, and endure the

agony that will redeem us, we too will rise

and find Him in our hearts. Our names He

will call and our hearts will throb with joy.


Sunday, July 23 - Wis 12:13, 16-19 

Rom 8:26-27 - Ps 86:5-6, 9-10, 15-16

Mtt 13:24-23

Jesus said there is "the necessity of

praying always and not losing heart."

The Holy Spirit calls us to:

-pray the Holy Mass

-pray with others

-pray with your spouse

-pray as a family

-pray in tongues

-pray from the Bible

-pray and fast.

"Since we live by the Holy Spirit,

let us follow the Spirit's lead." (Gal 5:25)


Monday, July 24 - St. Sharbel Mahkluf

Ex 14:5-18, 15:1-6   -  Matt 12:38-42

St. Sharbel was a Maronite monk and

priest in Lebanon. During his life he

obtained a wide reputation for his

holiness and has been canonized by the

Catholic Church. As a hermit he rarely

left the hermitage and spent his time

in prayer and worship. In1925, his

grave was open in the presence of

an official committee following the

proposed canonization. After the

grave had been opened and inspected

the variety of healing incidents

amazingly multiplied. Prodigies

reached beyond the Lebanese borders.

This unique phenomenon cause a

moral revolution, the return to faith and

the reviving of the virtous of the soul.









                                                                                                                                                                                      We are a Roman Catholic church filled with the love of Christ.

                                                                                                                                              We are centered on the Eucharist and the love of our Mother. 

                                                                                                                                                             We are here to serve all in the name of the Lord











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